Feature Spotlight 2015

JAN 2015 - DEC 2015

Feature Spotlight

Here is a showcase of new features that have been released during 2015:

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API Integrations

Vix Reader

Our integration capability has been extended for sites using smart card and voice activated technology. SAM data is updated real time with events like arrivals, departures and when room cleans are completed, following a simple tap of the card.

Synchronise SAM with third parties booking systems. Receive reports to confirm accuracy, and let bulk processing of bookings manage themselves. The travel team will only have to manage the reschedules.

Workflow Dashboard

Workflow Dashboard

Workflow dashboard provides an at-a-glance summary of the Site Travel requests for the day. Four large information cards display up to the minute statistics about new and completed requests, requests urgently awaiting approval and finally, the total number of requests awaiting approval.

Workforce Reporting

Workforce Reporting continues to deliver more insight to manage the workforce and make strategic decisions on assets and processes. Some of the recent reports to put under the Spotlight are:

SRF 261: The Visibility of Occupancy data by departments provides managers a review of the room utilization across a date range

Trust accurate invoicing and back charging with SRF 262: Financial Billing reports of FTE by Departments and Cost codes.

SRF 258: Visibility of Cleaning - Clean Rooms = Happy Campers, check rooms daily, with this report to ensure they are ready for your next arrivals.

SRF 256: HSEC will love the details they can get from reports like: Show me how long our workers are on site each swing.

Are your individual departments getting the most out of their room allocations? The SRF 251: Room Utilisation by departments report will give the insight you need to find improvement areas.

Emergency Management Teams can get all "people on site" when it is needed urgently. SRF 253 Report will tell a site who is in what zone of the camp. Perhaps a particular zone under threat of bushfire, or the zone that is first in a flood event.

Can you improve booking processes by departments? SRF254 will provide details on requests for roster changes, No shows, and visitors.

We have also added some strong functionality that will let you know whether a report that you are scheduling will clash with a pre-existing schedule, allowing you to change it to reduce report failure rates.

Update SAM Profile Fields from Workflow Site Travel Documents

Editing SAM Profile Fields

You can now update many fields from your SAM profiles in the Workflow Site Travel documents. These fields will allow you to keep up to date with your people as they change roles within your company or even when people change employers and come back to site.

SAM Custom Profile Fields

Custom SAM Profile Fields

While we believe we have a fair handle on how all of our clients operate, no one knows your business like you do, so we have made it possible to add Custom Fields to your SAM profiles. This means that you can capture data that is important and unique to your business.

Control and Manage Profile Data through the Site Travel Request Process

Update Profile and Future Bookings

Regular changes to contractor details from one site visit to the next can be controlled through the booking process. This saves time in reconciling departments and cost codes after the approval.

Completion of profiles is another way to keep data clean, and automating is what we do. Administrators can now set auto completion for different people types. Automated tasks at your control - Nice!

Even if people are permanently changing departments, cost codes or even employers, this can all be updated from within the Workflow application and then passed on to SAM. This is a massive time saver for Administrators, because the data is only entered once!

Productivity Gains with Bulk Profile Update

Travel and Accommodation administrators constantly have to update the information in their workers profiles. Instead of repeating the task, they can now make multiple changes to many profiles all in one process of updating and uploading a spreadsheet.

It's all about the Look

New Profile Look

The look, feel and attractiveness is always considered with ongoing development. Clean, Fresh, and easy to navigate is the feedback this year. There is the new profile business card layout and 30 day shift view.