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  • Optimise Your Accommodation

    Tags: SAM, Room Optimisation

    "Empty rooms are costly but it is hard to ensure they are fully utilised!"

    We hear this quite often….except from the clients who use the SAM tool called the “Room Optimiser” because their rooms are not unnecessarily empty. … more

  • SAM Workforce Management

    Tags: SAM, Workforce Management Software

    So Many Possibilities

    SAM Workforce Management is so much more than just a great tool for the day-to-day management of a mining campsite operation. With its range of fantastic features, such as its extensive reporting … more

  • What’s New in SAM 6.2.2

    Tags: SAM

    Posted by: Melissa Kratzmann

    We have some exciting news to share! Our developers have been busy completing this month’s release.  This means we will soon be releasing SAM and Workflow 6.2.2. Most of the work completed for this version is client specific; however … more

  • What's New in SAM 6.2.1

    Tags: SAM

    Posted by: Renata Darken

    Happy 2013 to you all! Osmotion will soon be releasing SAM and Workflow 6.2.1 – there are some handy new features in Workflow that I believe will make life easier for our users.  The bonus is that they are all configurable so you can … more

  • Release Notes for SAM 6.2.0

    Tags: SAM, Release Notes

    Posted by: Renata Darken

    Osmotion is proud to announce the release of SAM and Workflow 6.2.0. This release includes a number of cool new features as well some improvements and fixes. In my time at Osmotion this release is one of the most exciting! A couple of the highlights … more

  • What's New in SAM 6.2.0

    Tags: SAM

    Posted by: Renata Darken

    Osmotion will soon release SAM 6.2.0 and I thought it would be a good time to let you know about some of the new features which are coming. If one or more of these features takes your fancy please let us know and we can talk about your options … more