About Vix Technology

Vix Technology is a leading provider and integrator of access management, transit ticketing, payments and account‐based solutions with large‐scale deployments in more than 200 countries , including Stockholm, Rome, Seattle, Bangkok and Beijing. With a talented team of 650 employees working across 20 global offices, Vix leverages more than 25 years’ industry experience designing, operating and maintaining proven next‐generation ticketing, access, payment and loyalty platforms to help governments and businesses manage five billion transactions a year and create new ways to connect with their customers. For more news, product and corporate information, please connect with us at vixtechnology.com.

Vix Resources

Vix Resources provide a range of software, technology solutions and expertise to help companies more efficiently manage the remote fly in/fly out workforce and mine site accommodation villages.

We don’t just understand accommodation, transport, or the human capital needs of a mine site operation — we understand them all.  More importantly, we understand how they all fit together, and that’s how SAM and Workflow were developed.

SAM and Workflow are the most synchronised workforce management solutions available in the mining, construction, and oil and gas industries. Together they cater for all the workforce management needs of a fly in/ fly out operation including: travel, accommodation, assigning rooms, catering schedules, cleaning rosters, shift patterns, logistics, workflow approval, risk management and reporting.

Whether you are looking to increase the visibility of a remote workforce, synchronise the booking of your transport and accommodation needs, increase efficiencies through automation, or reduce cost by minimising resource wastage—whatever your workforce management problem is—we have the solution.

As the only workforce management solution provider in Australia to offer such an integrated product, 24‐hour support, a dedicated helpdesk and a planned release cycle—Vix offers the superior solution for your workforce management needs.


In November 2015, Osmotion Pty Ltd was acquired by Vix Technology, a global leader in smart ticketing and payment technology solutions, to strengthen its remote workforce management and ‘smart’ resources village service offering for new and existing customers. For more information on Vix Technology and its range of resource sector solutions, visit vixtechnology.com.

Founded in 2000 by Chris Woods and Lorne Bonnell, our first client was a mine site in north‐west Queensland. The client had a problem: the way they were managing the remote site's travel and accommodation needs were complex, time consuming and involved numerous spreadsheets. They needed a way to simplify things and asked if we could bring together their current way of managing it all.  After assessing the problem and realising they couldn’t create a simple integrated solution using the existing stand‐alone applications, we went one step further and created a brand new product—SAM.  SAM was like no other product on the market. It synchronised all aspects of managing a remote workforce and could greatly reduce complexities; so they took to the road to tell other mining companies about it. Ever since then, we have been providing Australia’s biggest mining companies with a simple holistic solution for managing their remote workforce.

Over the years and with the input of clients, SAM and Workflow has evolved.  With over a decade of understanding and expertise in how remote sites operate and now part of Vix Technology, we can offer forecasting, reporting and analytical services to assist you with strategic decision‐making—making us someone you can trust and partner with to run your remote site more efficiently and cost effectively.