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Posted by: Renata Darken

Managing Camp Accommodation with SAM will be even easier with Room Locking and Room Matching.

Room Locking

Room Locking

We have been discussing the idea of "room locking" with some customers for quite some time now and I know how valuable this tool will be for many of you.  I am so happy to let you know that this amazing functionality is just around the corner… managing rooms will be even easier.

No longer will you have to take a room out of the pool of rooms indefinitely – you will have the option to take one or many room's offline for the required period of time.

There will be many ways to use this functionality. For instance if a room requires three days of maintenance – you can lock the room for that time. Or if you have a moving allocation of room numbers at a camp – instead of creating a group booking or deactivating rooms to take them out of the available pool, you can lock the room for the required dates.

Stay tuned for more updates as this functionality becomes the new reality.


Back to Back Room Matching

Back to Back Room Matching

Ok so every time I hear about this functionality all I can hear in my head is the theme tune to that 80's TV show Perfect Match – "it's like an oyster & a pearl…"

Back to the present – I know that many hours are spent trying to find the 'right' room match for people on back to back rosters. Imagine having functionality that allows you to easily locate a room to place a new starter in when they require a back to back room.

There will be a range of criteria to search by; this will allow you to make the perfect room match and to successfully make the bookings and allocate the room for the person.

I'm looking forward to having this functionality available for you to use in the not too distant future.





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