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Posted by: Renata Darken

Room Locking

The Room Locking feature is now available – and it has "Wow Factor"! I think "Wow" because what a difference this makes to the work lives of our SAM users. I’m really impressed that we can now create a Type of Room Lock and then use that to take a room out of action by locking it for the required dates.

It is sooo cool that when the room is out of action you can make bookings around those dates. I love that if the room is locked from the 5-10th you can make a booking in that room for the 11th.

You see, for a long time we have been using "work-arounds" to manage rooms. That’s because we don't want to remove all the bookings to take the room out of action for maintenance. I know many of you have used a Group Booking or make a "dummy booking" in the room to mimic room locking functionality. You will love that you don't need to do this anymore - you simply need to have the Lock Type in place then add the Room Lock from the front end of SAM.

Here's what one of our users had to say about the new Room Locking feature:

After receiving version 6.2.26 of SAM one of the outstanding features is Room Locking. This function enables you to take a room or a number of rooms offline until the work is completed. You are able to create lock types that relate to your site, whether it be for maintenance, painting etc. At a quick glance this function allows us to see which rooms are under maintenance and the reason why. Room Locking is a fantastic feature.

Monica Cazzulino, Administration Coordinator - BHP
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