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Software Integration

The mining sector continues to seek more efficiency from non-mining systems, particularly in areas like accommodation and transport where even small changes can mean big improvements.

One of the areas that can make a significant difference is the quality and accuracy of information, particularly when it is used by different parts of the business. To tackle this problem Osmotion has invested heavily in building the pieces needed for software integration within the enterprise.

Software Integration is the process of bringing together independent software systems to function as a coordinated whole.

A popular approach is to integrate applications to synchronise data across enterprise systems.

For example, having SAM profiles updated directly from HR systems such as SAP, reduces double handling and provides one source of truth.

Other clients are capturing real time arrivals and departures by enabling self-check-in/check-out with Smart Cards.

Osmotion will soon be releasing integration with Carlson Wagonlit Travel, to deliver seamless end-to-end commercial and charter flight bookings, providing a major reduction to manual processing and associated errors.

So when thinking about how to maximise efficiency and reduce costs, think of the many ways this can be achieved with your workforce management processes.

Integrating data and helping our clients to embrace the power of sharing information is another service offered by Osmotion.

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