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Posted by: Peter Collins

I have been in sales and marketing for some time and I have never been a big fan of asking for Testimonials. I have always used success stories when they are relevant to the discussion topic and of course, I do like referencing specific examples of how we help clients.

The thing that I find more genuine, is when people show their gratitude during a conversation and naturally express their thanks without being asked for written testimonial. For us at Osmotion those comments are captured in writing because they regularly come through the Helpdesk in support ticket correspondence.

So I feel, as a sales and marketing professional, it is my duty to match modern convention and get these comments out there for others to see the value we deliver on a daily basis.

Names and client details have been withheld as they are "unsolicited".


Thank you to the anonymous list of SAM users above and we look forward to continually improving our services…. and the “sales testimonials” will look after themselves.

Kind regards,
Peter Collins
Business Development Manager





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