Expert Advice

Vix offer expert advice that combines our product knowledge and best practice experience with your workforce data to help you make strategic decisions and run your campsite more efficiently.

You can utilise our advice to help solve a number of workforce management issues. In the past, we have provided expert advice to clients to solve issues such as:

  • Suspension of rosters to allow employees to return home to their families for the Christmas period
  • Creating rosters that incorporate fatigue management principles
  • Creating emergency management procedures for unexpected events such as cyclones
  • Organising unscheduled large movements of staff
  • Optimising rooms on motelling campsites to increase accommodation availability
  • Change flight schedules
  • Change a significant number of rosters

Please click on the link below to download the latest Whitepapers:

PDF Whitepaper: Room Optimisation

PDF Whitepaper: Suspension of Rosters during Christmas Period

PDF Whitepaper: Flight Scheduling Changes

To find out how you could partner with us to run your campsite more efficiently contact Peter Collins, Business Development Manager.