Vix offer two superior software solutions, SAM and Workflow, to help assist all the different business areas involved in managing a remote workforce.

Business Managers Travel & Accommodation Coordinators Camp Administrators Finance & HR Team


SAM is the only workforce management solution you’ll need to run your FIFO Logistics campsite more efficiently.

There’s no other workforce management application quite like SAM. Unlike other applications, which may only cater for certain aspects of managing a mine site operation, SAM is a holistic solution that synchronises and manages all aspects of a fly in/ fly out campsite.

As a comprehensive solution, SAM is an asset to all the different business areas involved in managing a remote workforce. Not just a great tool for the day-to-day management of a mining campsite, SAM can also be utilised by Business Managers, the Human Resources and Finance departments, and IT Support.




With Workflow, you can say goodbye to a complicated paper-based approval chain for travel requests.

Workflow will reduce your administration teams’ workload, automate approvals and track the status of all requests.

Workers coming to site can submit online travel requests, roster bookings and leave changes. The request then progresses through the approval chain online. After final approval the booking will seamlessly progress into SAM.

Workflow distributes the workload and provides an automated, available, real time management of site-based requests.