Software Integration

Helping Enterprise Systems Talk to Each Other

Vix understands the benefits you get when you share information across your organisation.

Synchronising information between SAM and other platforms is one of the best ways to reduce double handling, inconsistencies in your enterprise information and to build a single source of truth.

Vix is currently the market leader in Workforce Logistics, providing superior solutions for efficient management of your remote workforce. To make your life easier and to continue to be the system of choice, we have invested heavily in our ability to share data across your Enterprise. Vix software can now share information with your Training, Human Resource and Finance systems.

Recent examples of integration include:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning - SAP
  • Site Access & Security Systems - Tyco, Vix, Cardax
  • Employee Management Systems – PIMS, RIME, Chris²¹

Helping our clients to embrace the power of sharing information is another service offered by Vix. We offer expert advice by using our product knowledge with your workforce data to help you maximise efficiency and cost savings.